Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, Blog Day 1

My goal is to tell the kind of stories you would tell, or you’d like to hear, sitting around a glowing camp fire or driving through a rainy night to some distant place.

I was a newspaperman for 42 years. During that time I wrote thousands of stories for the paper. These aren’t those stories, although I’m going to post stories about some of those stories.  These are My Stories.

Many of them may not be of interest anyone outside my immediate or extended family. Others, like  “Lucky’s Best Story” or a story Brother Dave wrote called “Gone Missing” –or stories about the Appalachian Trail or the newspaper business — will have broader appeal.

It’s my intention to blog on Fridays and Mondays* until I run out of stories. That’s going to take a while — years.  I’ve been saving up.

I want to thank my brother, Dave, for creating this blog.  He didn’t know beans about it to start with, but he’s pretty smart and he doesn’t give up easy.

Pat Stith


*When stories are too long to be told in one day they will be continued the next day, and the next, until I get to The End.