Ring THAT Up!

Jack, our mentally handicapped son, had been down at the community pool watching television on a small, portable TV when my wife, Donna, scooped him up and headed for Sears, to return some paint.

Jack Stith
Jack Stith

She allowed Jack to carry his TV into the store, sort of like a Mom who lets a kid hang on to a special blanket.

At Sears she found someone who could tell her where to return the paint. It was just a few steps away and, for a second or two or three she turned her back on Jack.

When she turned back to get him she saw a commotion, a knot of people gathered around the spot where she had left him.

They looked confused — dumfounded, actually.

Jack had unplugged a cash register, plugged in his TV, and was watching “The Price is Right.”

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