Smart Food

This is not a real story, but it was one of my father’s favorites, so I’m going to tell it anyway.

There was this fella who won’t real smart.

He had heard that eating certain kinds of food would make you smarter so he went to his grocery store, talked to the butcher, and asked about that.

Smart Food
Smart Food

“Sure,” the butcher told him. “Eating fish heads will make you smarter.”

“How much are they?” the man asked and the butcher said $10 a dozen and the man said, “Give me a dozen.”

In a day or two he came back for another dozen. And then another.

After eating three dozen fish heads he said to butcher, “Wait just a minute. I could buy the whole fish, head and all, for $12 a dozen.”

“See there,” the butcher replied. “You’re getting smarter all the time.”

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