Write No Evil

The most productive reporter I ever saw never came up with anything embarrassing about anybody.

On run of the mill stories he was a machine. He wrote almost every day, two, three stories, sometimes, for The Charlotte News. And during his lunch hour he wrote a daily column. OK, OK, not a very good column, but a column nevertheless. Two or three stories a day and a column? That’s not easy.  A daily column all by itself it not easy. No, sir. Ask anyone who has written one.

But he never hung anybody out to dry.

I don’t know how you do that. Never? Embarrassing stuff falls in your lap sometimes –you find it without looking– and then what do you do?  Ignore it?

One day I asked a colleague who had known The Machine for years why he never dinged anybody.

“He used to,” my colleague replied, “until a guy he wrote about killed himself.”

NOTE: I was going to post the “surprise” today but I couldn’t get it written in time.  It’s coming Monday for sure.

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